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Product Information

SKU: C5-5VC5555

5 Vegas High Primings Torpedo~

Its no secret: 5 Vegas Classic is one of our top-selling brands. It has been, for over a decade. Thanks to a timeless, medium-bodied profile and very traditional tobacco flavor, Classic has become legendary in its own right. But todays not 10 years ago. Palates are changing, evolving and demanding more robust, more complex cigars. As such, 5 Vegas High Primings was born – the elevation of 5 Vegas.5 Vegas High Primings was developed using the 90-rated 5 Vegas Classic blend as a base. 160;In order to take the blend to the next level, and create a bolder, richer flavor, each tobacco leaf employed was chosen from the plant’s highest priming. Due to the additional sunlight they receive and extra time on the plant before harvest, these high pr...

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