AC-Delco PF932F Oil Filter (PF932F)

AC-Delco PF932F Oil Filter (PF932F)
AC-Delco PF932F Oil Filter (PF932F)

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Product Information

An engine run with dirty oil wont last. Keep it clean with ACDelco Oil Filters that offer high-flow efficiency, the latest filtration technology and durability.

ACDelco Oil Filters filters are engineered with the best filtering element and technology to trap particles as small as one-third the width of a human hair. An ACDelco Oil Filter helps protect your engine in many ways:

- Excellent filter capacity, enhanced efficiency, consistent flow management and high durability make these oil filters among the best youll find
- Tight seals prevent unfiltered oil from entering your engine
- Consistent, dependable oil filtration throughout the filter
- Antidrain back valves retain oil in the filter for quicker engine lubrication during start-up
- By-pass valves help keep the engine from becoming oil-starved during cold weather starts or if total filter blockage exists