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Customer Service

We listen to you.

Your feedback and questions are important to us. We develop our site, products and your overall shopping experience in response to what our customers tell us.

Please check the following sections for answers to the most common questions:

Q:Where is my order?

A: When you first place your order, we forward each part of your order to the appropriate OneCart? Trusted Merchant partner store for fulfillment. We expect all partner stores on SHOP.COM to maintain a high level of customer service: keeping you notified of shipping times, delays or any other order information. We include their contact information in your order acknowledgement so you can speak with them directly regarding any concerns, changes or even cancellations you might have. SHOP.COM also has a My Account section that lists your order history and contains any order updates we have received from the partner stores you've ordered from. In the unlikely event you ever have an issue with a SHOP.COM partner store, simply send us an email by clicking the webform link here including a brief description of your issue and your order number. We'll immediately become your shopping advocate by contacting the partner store and following-up with you. We want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your shopping experience.

Q:Can I order by phone?

A: We do not accept orders by phone. SHOP.COM is designed around a secure online shopping and checkout process that will ensure your information is safe. It will also give you ample opportunity to carefully review your order before it is placed. If you are having trouble checking out online, we will be happy to help you through the online ordering process. We'll guide you step-by-step and answer any questions you may have to make sure your order is completed correctly. Please just contact us through our webform by clicking here and if you'd like a call back, include your phone number and a good time to call.

Q:How secure is SHOP.COM?

A: You can be assured that we will safeguard your personal information at all times. Our website takes every precaution to protect your information. When you submit sensitive information, that information is protected both online and offline. Website security is reviewed regularly to ensure we are up to date with industry standards and technology. Whether you're ordering a catalog or making a purchase, we want you to feel safe and secure while visiting SHOP.COM. You can feel confident making purchases from established partner sites that have been in business for many years. To ensure that your credit card information is even more secure, we use secure sockets layer (SSL) software (which encrypts the information you input) when you give us your credit card information. We encrypt all credit card information and store it on a server that isn't accessible on the Internet. Once we store that information, it can not be displayed anywhere on SHOP.COM. Internally, SHOP.COM takes extra caution to limit access to customers' information. Only a few individuals within the company are given degrees of access to customers' personal information according to job function and necessity. Access is granted to these employees through special passwords. All employees are kept up to date on our security and privacy practices. Finally, the servers that we store personally identifiable information on are kept in a secure guarded environment.

Q:How can I find out more details on a product?

A: If you have any additional questions about a particular product, please contact the partner store directly. On the page showing the product, scroll down and click the tab called "Store Info" to show the partner store's email address and/or a phone number you can use to contact them. If you need help locating this information please feel free to contact us through our webform by clicking here.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or comments about SHOP.COM or the products and services we provide, please contact us using our contact form.