Happy Halloween - Dare to SHOP

Navigation Tips

Navigating through your favorite stores, the hottest brands and millions of products should be as intuitive and familiar as working with a trusted and knowledgeable salesperson at your favorite store. You can begin by using our ShopSmart? Navigation by clicking on any one of our descriptive department links located on the left hand side of our SHOP.COM home page. These department links are a great way to get started and find what you are looking for.

Using Links

SHOP.COM has many departments from Baby products, to the latest in clothing and the hottest new tools for home improvement projects that you might want to explore. You can go directly to any department, product results and specific product pages with one click by using our links and buttons located throughout the site. Links can be text, such as our merchandise department links. They can also be images, such as photos and logos or buttons such as "View Product" which will take you to a specific product information page. A sure way to tell whether you have landed on an active link is that your floating mouse pointer will automatically become a white hand with an outstretched thumb and index finger.

Navigational links in our product departments are category-specific. They will display (or not display) based on the context of where you are navigating. Remember, you can always back up by either clicking on the back button located at the top of your web browser or by following your clicked link trail (also known as a "breadcrumb") located towards the top of the page you are on.

Navigating from the Top of Page Panel

The top panel is the large strip also known as the header that runs across the top of every page. You can use the tabs on the top panel to get to our main section pages: Departments, Stores, Gift Center, My Account and Help. Clicking on these tabs will present you with other linkable options which will allow you to navigate even deeper into these sections.

Also within a department page or on product results pages you will notice columns towards the top of the page that consist of specific department attributes. These attributes can be clicked on to drill further into that department and allow you to find products that meet your need.

Left Side Panel or Featured Areas

From the SHOP.COM homepage you can begin navigating through our site by clicking on a department name such as Clothing & Accessories and arriving on a department page. As you enter the Clothing & Accessories department, you will notice at the top of the page and under the search box, multiple columns such as Apparel Type, Gender & Age, Store Name, or Narrow By options that will assist you in navigating further into the Clothing department.

In every department, we have included a Featured Areas section that provides you with a quick overview of what is in that specific department. All of these Featured Areas links allow you to navigate further into a department with a single click. Once you've clicked on a Featured item, you can browse or drill deeper through different product types, select products based on age, gender, or size etc... In many cases, you'll be able to look at many more values by simply clicking on the "see all" links located at the bottom of the product attribute columns.

As you select the attribute values that are important to you, the products displayed will be filtered to show only the applicable products. At a glance, the product listings show you pricing, product image, a brief product description, the merchant's name (which is linkable to their Store homepage). You can click on any item's photo, product name or View Product button to be taken to that item's detailed Product Description page.

The Product Description Page

From the Product Description page you can read a more in depth description of the product and, if desired, add the item to your shopping cart or wish list.

Our goal is to help you find what you are looking for by using our ShopSmart" Navigation technology to shop from hundreds of merchants, with thousands of brands, and millions of products quickly and easily. If you have any trouble finding what you need or have suggestions for how we could improve our navigation and search, please let us know either through one of our online feedback forms or by emailing our customer service team at customerservice@shop.com.