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Search Tips

Here are some simple tips and hints to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Are you searching for a product?

  • Make sure you choose All Departments in the search drop down.
  • Try using a synonym for the product. For example, if bike doesn't get what you want, try bicycle.
  • Watch for spelling mistakes or typos.

Are you searching for a store?

  • Make sure you choose Stores in the search drop down.
  • You can search for a store by name. For example: Motives Cosmetics.
  • You can search for a store by the kinds of products they offer. For example: Women's clothing.
  • If you searched for a store name and we didn't find it, try a partial name. For example: instead of Burgers' Smokehouse, try Burger.

Got too many matches?

  • Try being more specific. For example: instead of sweater, try searching for cardigan sweater.
  • Try the same search but select a price range to help narrow your matches.

Didn't get any matches or just a few?

  • If you're looking for something very specific, you might need to be a little more general. Instead of wrought iron plant stand, try plant stand.
  • If you've selected a price range to search within, the range might be too narrow. Try selecting a broader price range.
  • You may be searching within a single store instead of the entire website. When you are browsing within a specific store the automatic default is to search just within the store. That store may not offer a lot of the kinds of products you are looking for. Instead try a search for All Products.

Want to restrict your search to just one store?

  • Normally when you search for a product, we search our entire database of stores to find what you want. You can restrict this search to just one store if you prefer. Just click into the store you wish to search and the store's name will automatically appear in the search drop down menu. Then any searches you perform will be just for that store.

How our search engine works - advanced tips

  • The default search mode is to find matches for ALL the words you've entered in the search box (a logical AND). For example: searching for "dress shoes" will find all items that have both words associated with them.
  • A comma is equivalent to the word or. For example "dress,shoes" will return all items with the word "dress" or "shoes" or both dress and shoes associated with them.
  • You may also do an exact match by using quotes around the search words. For example: "Dress Shoes" will only find items where that exact phrase appears.
  • Upper or lower case letters do not affect our search. Search sees all letters as lower case letters, so "dress shoes", "DRESS SHOES" and "DresS sHoEs" will return the same results.
  • Our search looks at the name of the product, the description and the keywords associated with that product. Keywords are doing their job behind the scenes, so you don't see them. This explains why some searches show you items that don't contain the search words you entered.

Still need help?

If you're still having problems searching, please contact customer service and they will be happy to help you find exactly what you need.