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Shopper Gem of the Month

At SHOP.COM, customer satisfaction is a top priority. That's why we're happy to read customer feedback on a daily basis, and make every effort to ensure that what we read directly impacts how we work. Please take a moment to see what our customers have to say about us, and feel free to share your own experiences while you shop our site.

  1. I would just like to thank you for the Shop.com experience! It was really great to have comparable prices right here and saved me the trouble of shopping all over the internet myself! I will definitely be shopping here again AND I will also make sure all of my friends know about your site! Thanks a lot!
  2. Very Professional Site. Great Prices. I will be back!!
  3. I was looking for a good product price and good shipping price. From the competition, you appear to be the best deal - and easiest/quickest site to use. Thank you!
  4. Thank you for the rebate! Makes me want to return to Shop.com!!!
  5. Great service. I have never had such an easy time. Great praise to the web editor and web team!!!
  6. Shop.com is dummy-proof!
  7. Nice looking website, easy to use. Flawless checkout. Like the fact you can use multiple stores in one purchase. Well done!
  8. I love the coupons and rebates that you offer! Thank you!
  9. I use Shop.com regularly to check out best prices. Great tool. I am a return customer and love the site.
  10. I love SHOP.COM!!! You are the greatest!! You have everything!!
  11. I love the way the stores were listed at the bottom of the page that carried the item, along with their logo.
  12. Excellent site. After weeks of searching, I had a broad range to choose from vs eBay with outrageous shipping charges.
  13. Excellent variety of partner stores!
  14. Spent the evening looking at all of the stores on SHOP.COM, and they're wonderful.
  15. I was going to order this bear from another company. They were sold out, so I had to search the web to find another one. I am happy I did! Your bear was $22 cheaper!
  16. This is the best place I have ever shopped at. It is easy, fast, and there are tons of products to choose from. I can shop at my own pace, and I love that about SHOP.COM. There is nothing else out there for me.
  17. Your site was easy to navigate. It was also resourceful because I didn't know the exact title that I was looking for but found it on the first try by putting in little information. Thank you.
  18. I love shopping on SHOP.COM! Everything is Perfect, Friendly and Fast. Nicely done. Will shop again and again and again. Satisfied Customer.
  19. I love the quality of your products. And have found they are reasonably priced. Thank you!
  20. I like the variety - great gifts for people with highly diverse tastes!

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