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Shopping Services

Wish List

Create a Wish List for a wedding or other occasion. To get started click on the Wish List link. From the Wish List page, choose whether you want to find someone else's Wish List or create one for yourself.

To find someone else's Wish List
To find someone else's Wish List fill in as much information as you can in the search criteria. The Wish List page will contain a list of the gifts the party registered for. You can select the gift you want to purchase by adding it to the shopping cart.

To create your own Wish List
To create your own Wish List simply fill out the My Wish List form. When you're done you can begin shopping. When you're ready to add an item just click on the save to gift icon to the right of the item just below the save to shopping cart icon.

To edit or delete your Wish List
To update your Wish List use the "Update your existing Wish List" link on the Wish List page. To delete your Wish List use the "Delete This Wish List" link. To update your Wish List information use the "Edit Wish List Information" link.

My Favorites

You can use My Favorites as a place to conveniently store links to catalog merchant's store pages, shopping categories and subcategories. You can store links to those favorites you will visit often and to those that you just want to remember for a short time. When you come to a merchant's store (cover) page, category or subcategory you want to add just click on "Add to My Favorites" in the right-hand corner of the main window. When you want to view your list of favorites, click on "My Favorites" from the Shopping Services area near the bottom of nearly all of our pages.

The My Favorites area will store a link to the catalog's cover page, category or subcategory page and a link to the Home page it was added from. If you want to remove a listing from My Favorites, click on "Remove" to the right of that listing under the Options column.