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eGifts FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do eGifts work?

eGifts stands for electronic Gifts and if you've used email and eCards (electronic-greeting-cards), eGifts will be a cinch.

You simply select an actual, physical gift from the wide selection we have on our site. We send an email with your personal message to the gift recipient announcing the eGift from you. That email announcement has a URL (link) taking them to a special page on our Web site showing the gift (or multiple gift choices) you have selected for them. They simply tell us where they would like the gift delivered and it's soon on its way. The best part is it's a truly last minute gift, because the email announcement is sent within minutes! See a sample eGift.

Can the recipient choose more than one gift?

No - they get to choose one of the gift choices you've made for them. They'll get a kick out of seeing all the great gifts you've selected for them and they'll have fun choosing their favorite.

When does the eGift arrive?

eGifts are the perfect last minute gift because your eGift announcement is sent via email and will normally arrive within minutes of you completing the eGift checkout process. If you wish, you can instead have the email announcement sent on a particular day (up to seven days from the day you fill out your eGift announcement).
Your recipient will be able to see the gift choices you've made for them immediately - they simply select the gift they like best and provide an address where they'd like the gift sent. Once the gift is selected, most merchants are able to ship most items within a couple of days if the item is in stock.
All eGifts are sent via Standard delivery - usually UPS Ground or First Class U.S. Mail so it may take an additional 3-7 days for delivery depending on where you live. Some merchants and certain items may take longer to ship than others however, and if the item is not in stock, there may be a slight delay.

How much will shipping cost?

All eGifts are sent by the most economical method possible using "Standard Delivery" - which is usually UPS Ground or First Class U.S. Mail for most merchants. The actual shipping amount varies depending on what the item is and which merchant it is from. When you complete your eGift checkout, we'll show you the range of shipping charges so you'll have an idea of what will be charged.
But don't worry, we only charge the merchant's actual shipping rate for the gift chosen.

Why are some products not eGift enabled?

Some merchants will only ship to the shopper's billing address. With eGifts, the recipient provides the shipping address, so for these merchants we have to disable the eGift capability. Merchants may also have other shipping restrictions and/or a minimum order requirement, which may make some products ineligible for an eGift.

How many gift choices can I make?

With an eGift, you can select a single gift to give your recipient when you have the perfect gift in mind. Or you can select any number of gift choices (three or five or twenty five!). Your recipient receives the eGift announcement by email showing all the gift choices you've selected for them. They can look over their gift choices in detail (minus prices) and then pick one of those gifts and have it delivered.
Giving your recipient several gift choices is what makes eGifts so fun to receive and so easy to give. They're great for the person who has everything, for business gifts when you don't know what they'd like, and for buying apparel gifts - you don't need to know their size or color because they select their size and color when they pick up the gift.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged when your recipient comes to our Web site to pick up their gift and have it delivered. That way we can charge you the exact amount of the item they choose along with the appropriate shipping and sales tax (if any is applied). Note that, unlike a Gift Certificate, if your eGift is never redeemed, your credit card is not charged.

Will the recipient see the prices?

No - the prices are only shown to you when you select the gifts, not to your recipient. They can read all about the gift(s) you've selected and see a detailed view of the gift, but they won't know how much you've spent.

How much am I charged when gift choices are not the same price?

It's possible to have 3 different gift choices - each at a different price, but it's not a problem at all. During the eGift checkout process, we'll show you the range of prices for the items you've chosen, so you'll have an idea of how much you'll be charged.
Because we charge your credit card when your recipient comes to pick up their gift, we charge you for the exact price of the item they select along with the appropriate shipping for that item. Sales tax may also apply depending on where the recipient lives and which item they choose. Because you may have selected 3 items from 3 different merchants, the shipping and sales tax may be different for each item. The shipping charges are set by the merchant and sales tax may be applied depending on which state your recipient and the merchant resides.
But don't worry, we only charge the merchant's actual shipping rate for the gift chosen.