All-In-One Vegetable Garden Seed Planter

All-In-One Vegetable Garden Seed Planter
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ALL-IN-ONE Vegetable Row Seed Planter simultaneously plants and fertilizes seeds in addition to marking a row for the next round of seeding. The two-wheeled planter, weighing in at 14 pounds, is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The unit is rear-wheel activated for positive, even seeding. Both wheels are concave and cleared; the front wheel breaks down clots of dirt while the back wheel molds a mound of dirt over the seed. Includes 6 different seed plates to handle variations in 31 common vegetable seed sizes. Adjustable depth shovel permits planting at each variety's ideal ground depth. Comes complete with a seed storage pouch perfect for seed plates, gloves, water bottle, notes, and any other item that a gardener may need for planting. Order your All-In-One Vegetable Garden Row Seed Planter today! Dimensions: 32"L x 15"W x 37"H Weight: 14 lbs.