Aquabot Turbo T Automatic Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner

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Product Information

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Aquabot Turbo T Automatic Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner

"Aquabot Turbo T Robotic AutomaticPool CleanerClean Your Pool to a T, in Half the Time & Cost!The Aquabot Turbo T features unique 4-way functionality to scrub, power wash, vacuum and filter any pool up to 50 in length in half the time of other cleaners!Aquabot Turbo T includes all the standard features of the world-renowned Aquabot, plus unique quadruple functionality to scrub, power wash, vacuum, and filter from floor to waterline and everything inbetween. Special power washing jets help flush-up dirt and debris from hard-to-reach areas, allowing the Aquabot Turbo T to clean any pool up to 50 in length - regardless of its shape or surface type - in as little as half the time of other cleaners. Just drop it in the pool and press a button! No need for hoses, costly booster pumps or filter connections.With nearly 25 years of the worlds leading robotic engineering quality and innovations, Aquabots remain the #1 selling robotic cleaners because they clean better, are more reliable and are backed by the best warranties and support in the industry. With Aquabot Turbo T you get:Scrubbing brush system loosens stubborn debrisPower washing jets clean where brushes cantOffset vacuum ports for clog-free operationLargest capacity reusable filter - more debris with less cleaningsIndustrys healthiest filtration and water circulationConvenient pool cleaning atthe touch of a buttonMaintenance cost savings of up to 50% (chemicals,water, energy)Best warranty and support network in the industryFilters 5,000 gallons/hourComes with a reusable filter bag & 61 of floating cordIncludes 3-Year WarrantyNothing is more reliable or capable than the Aquabot Turbo T!Self-contained with onboard filtration system and driveand pump motors, free the pool operator from traditional cleaning methods that require pools filter, hoses, booster pumps, assembly or installationAn internal, microprocessor-guided drive motor directs Aquabot Turbo T to systematically clean any residential pool up to 50 in length from floor to waterline and everything in between without wasting time trying to ""learn your pool"", repeatedly cleaning the same area or missing spotsaltogetherAquabot Turbo Ts intelligent efficiency reduces as much as 50% of the wear and tear other cleaners incur and cleans pools up to twice as fast, which translates into less operating hours and cost, greater reliability and lower maintenance needs.Rotating brushes loosen waterline build upand break down large debris while Patented power washing jets flush out dirt from areas brushes cant reachDirt and debris are vacuumed in"

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