Audition 3 - Complete Package

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Audition 3 - Complete Package

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Audition 3 - Complete Package

Audition 3 software is the all-in-one audio solution for creating music, recording and mixing project soundtracks, producing a radio spot, or cleaning up production audio for a movie.

Adobe Audition 3 software is the all-in-one solution for audio recording, mixing, editing, and mastering. Whether you are creating your own music, recording and mixing a project, producing a radio spot, cleaning up production audio for a movie, or editing a soundtrack for a business presentation, Adobe Audition 3 gives you the tools you need to sound your best. Record with a powerful, flexible, low-latency mixing engine; create and arrange DVD- and HD-quality audio; and master productions with visual tools and easy-to-use audio cleanup features.

Product highlights

• All-in-one solution for audio recording, mixing, editing, and mastering
• Powerful, flexible, low-latency mixing engine with VSTi support for real-time recording and editing
• Complete audio mastering and restoration toolset for unprecedented flexibility and control

Audience benefit

Music professionals— Whether you’re a musician or a recording engineer, you know the sound you’re looking for, and you need the right software to help you get there. With more than 50 digital signal processing (DSP) effects; support for high-performance, ASIO-based hardware devices and industry-standard VSTi virtual instruments; and fast, accurate tools built into an intuitive workflow, Adobe Audition 3 lets you experiment with new ideas while laying your tracks down quickly and efficiently. When your recordings are complete, powerful editing and mastering features help you produce the end result you set out to achieve.

• Flexible, low-latency mixing engine with ASIO hardware support—Work with highperformance audio devices that use the ASIO driver model. Mix your tracks on the fly, hearing changes as you make them. The mixing engine offers tremendous routing flexibility with support for all the effects you want, and VSTi virtual instrument support means even greater sonic variety, flexibility, and precision.

• Integrated wave-editing view with Mastering Rack—Record and edit individual audio files with fast, accurate tools that are also tightly integrated with the Multitrack View for an improved workflow. Use the Mastering Rack to apply and preview multiple effects simultaneously when working with files in Edit View. Quickly edit how your file starts and ends by zooming in with the Top and Tail View, and then adjust with on-clip controls for volume and fades.

Video editors and producers— Adobe Audition 3 offers video editors and producers fast, intuitive tools for creating and editing audio for video productions. Create audio for video using a wide array of included royalty-free loops for soundtrack production; polish voice-overs with mastering tools including the Multiband Compressor and Convolution Reverb; clean up damaged recordings with powerful restoration tools like the Spectral Healing Brush and other visual tools similar to those in Adobe Photoshop software; and much more. Adobe Audition 3 helps you bring the same professional quality results to your audio as you bring to your video.

• Unmatched audio restoration tools including frequency space editing—Restore recordings from old vinyl, remove hisses and hums, fix clipped audio and phase problems, and recover previously unusable recordings. Editing in frequency space has become more flexible with the new Effects Paintbrush tool and Spot Healing Brush.

• More than 50 included DSP effects and tools—Work with more than 50 digital signal processing (DSP) tools and effects, mastering and analysis tools, and audio restoration features. Expand your toolset even further with support for


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