Baby Alive Real Surprises Baby Doll

Baby Alive Real Surprises Baby Doll
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Sold by Sears


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Sold by Sears

Product Information

"• Real Surprises Baby doll shakes her head to show what she wants and what she doesn't
• Prepare her """"food"""" and feed her
• Her eyes really close
• Doll speaks English or Spanish
• Change her diaper when she """"pees"""" and """"poops""""

Doll comes with dress, bib, bottle, bowl, spoon, pacifier, 3 diapers, 3 doll food packets and instructions • Ages 3 and up.

• Requires 3 """"AA"""" batteries (demo batteries included).
• Baby Alive doll food mix is nontoxic and not intended for human consumption. Use only Baby Alive doll food mixes with your Baby Alive doll.
• Spoon, bottle and pacifier each contain one magnet.
• Note: Soiled diapers do not have strong odor