Bell 2014 Sanction Mountain Bike Downhill/BMX Helmet

Bell 2014 Sanction Mountain Bike Downhill/BMX Helmet
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Weighing in at 950 grams, the Sanction is Bell's fully-ventilated, low-profile helmet specifically designed with the younger rider in mind. Its sizing skews smaller than both its predecessor (the Bellistic) and the more robust Full-9 and Drop models. Though we originally envisioned the Sanction for youths, we see quite a few adults who want more coverage than an open-face trail lid choosing this helmet. If it fits you, we're OK with that. But our rule-of-thumb is if you're taking a chairlift, go with a Full-9 or Drop..if you're pedaling--say Super-D, BMX or Enduro--the Sanction should serve you well.

  • Adjustable Visor
  • Hand Laminated Fiberglass Shell
  • Vents: 15
  • Sizes: Small: 52-54cm. Medium: 55-57cm. Large: 58-60cm
  • Weight: 33.5oz. 950 grams