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Product Information

Belle Hop Unisex Travel Door Alarm

Make security your constant travel companion with the Travel Door Alarm by Belle Hop. This alarm lets off a 91 dB piercing noise - sure to scare off any possible intruders. Two slim silver prongs are attached to the device. These prongs are held together with a clear plastic cover. Slide off the cover (save the cover as youll want to replace it when the alarm is not in use) and the prongs will separate causing a loud alarm to sound. With the cover off while holding the prongs together, slide them into the door frame. As long as the door remains closed the alarm will remain silent. If the door is opened (even a little bit) the alarm will loosen from it's placement causing the prongs to separate and the alarm to sound. Not only is the alarm a great warning to you but is likely to startle and scare off an unsuspecting Intruder. A flashlight is also featured for additional safety and convenience. Perfect for hotel rooms, dorm rooms and apartments for extra protection. Travel Door Alarm by Belle Hop. Measures 3 by 1.5 inches.. Attaches to door frame. Activates only when door is opened. Requires 2 ag13 button-cell batteries - included.

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