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Product Information

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Bowflex Bowflex Select Techs 5/52 Dumbbells - SCHWINN CYCLING & FITNESS INC.

If you want to get a good strength workout at home, but don't have much space, the Bowflex 552 SelectTech Dumbbells are an ideal solution. Newly designed, the innovative pair of 552 SelectTech Dumbbells combines 15 sets of weights into one using a unique dial system. It's one of the most space-efficient and flexible strength-training options available with its unique and effective design. With just the turn of a dial, you can automatically change your resistance on each dumbbell from 5 pounds all the way up to 52.5 pounds of weight. It adjusts in 2.5-pound increments (up to 25 pounds), enabling you to gradually increase your strength without bulking up.

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Best Choice for for designing a Home gym

Shop Consultant

on 09/22/2014

When designing a home gym for my clients-Bow flex selectTech Dumb bells is my first choice and best choice for my personal training clients. Space saving and eye catching design does not take away from the durability of this must piece of equipment. No need to buy unnecessary strength equipment.

The Best Dumbbell set for the home

Shop Consultant

on 09/03/2014

Bowflex really has been cutting edge This is a sleek dumbbell set that i love With the Bench and stability ball you have the perfect home Gym for less than $500