Bush Medicine

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Bush Medicine

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Bush Medicine

Purchase includes free access to book updates online and a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Chapters: Paleolithic Diet, Goanna, Australian Aboriginal Sweet Foods, Bush Medicine, Erythrina Vespertilio. Excerpt: Australian Aborigines had many ways to source sweet foods. The four main types of sweet foods gathered apart from ripe fruit were : In some parts of Australia, these customs are still used today, particularly in Central Australia . Foods collected can be eaten directly as a sweet or made into a sweet drink. Arrernte sweet foods and drinks The Arrernte of Central Australia divide their food up into a number of groups . Many other groups also do this or did this traditionally. The Arrernte word for sweet foods is Ngkwarle honey-like foods. Some Aborigines who still have their language often refer to alcohol by this sweet food group term. Arrernte Name: English name: Details item Ngkwarle athenge arlperle : Ironwood ( Acacia estrophiolata ) tree gum: Ironwood gum is broken off tree branches. It can be red or clear. It runs down the tree to the ground in long beads. It is snapped off and mixed in some water and left to set. It is then scooped up with a little stick and eaten. item Ngkwarle alkerampwe : Mulga ( Acacia aneura ) tree gum: Gum can be found sitting in small blobs in a row on branches. Some bits are clear and some red. They are snapped off with a wooden skewer. Once quite a few are collected, they are given to the children as a treat. item Ngkwarle arlperrampwe : Whitewood ( Atalaya hemiglauca ) tree gum: Arlperrampwe is found on the trunk and branches of the whitewood in big globs. Some of it runs down the tree as its hanging there. It is collected and made into a lump and kneaded until soft, and is then eaten. item Ngkwarle atnyerampwe : Supplejack ( Ventilago viminalis ) tree gum: Gum is scraped off after it


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