C & I Collectables 1215MELLON NHL Mellon Arena Plaque

C & I Collectables 1215MELLON NHL Mellon Arena Plaque
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Mellon Arena, formely home to rabid fans of the Pittsburgh Penguins, is featured on a licensed 8X10 photo as the cornerstone of this 12" X 15" plaque. The plaque also bears two officially licensed trading cards of top Penguins stars. The deluxe cherry wood plaque is perfect for displaying in any room of the house or an office. Superior, high-clarity acrylic lens covers firmly affixed to the plaque with brass-type screws protect both the photo and trading cards. An engraved nameplate completes the design. This is a great item for any fan. All cards are easily replaceable with ones from your own collection. The plaque is proudly produced and assembled in the USA.Licensed 8"x10" Mellon Arena Photo.Two Officially Licensed Trading Cards of Top Team Stars.12" X 15" cherry wood plaque.Full lens covers to protect cards, pictures.Perfect for displaying in an office, rec room or bedroom.