Clear Conscience Contact Lens Sol, Travel Size, 3 oz

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Product Information

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Clear Conscience Contact Lens Sol, Travel Size, 3 oz

For Use With Soft Contact Lenses For Cleaning, Rinsing, Disinfecting, Removing Protein, and Storing Sterilized by Filtration Cholrhexidine-free Thimerosal-free Cruelty-free Clean Conscience Multi-Purpose Solution, a lens care product that cleans, rinses, and disinfects. Clean Conscience Multi-Purpose Solution is a safe and effective solution for soft contact lenses. A sterile, isotonic solution that contains poloxamer, sodium phosphate buffer, sodium chloride, and disodium edetate; preserved with polyhexanide 0.0001% Contains no chlorhexidine or thimerosal. Against Animal Testing Manufactured in the UK 10% of all proceeds donated to animal welfare organizations

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