ClifBar CLIFCLBR0012BANUBR Banana Nut Bread 12 ct

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ClifBar CLIFCLBR0012BANUBR Banana Nut Bread 12 ct

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ClifBar CLIFCLBR0012BANUBR Banana Nut Bread 12 ct

Consumers tell us they want a simple choice in an energy bar not complicated formulas or gimmicks. What we've done is taken a balanced approach to widely held principles of good nutrition, creating a blend of proteins and carbohydrates that the body can best absorb and use. At the same time, we continue to make taste a top priority.More of the good stuff! Clif bars are packed with more juicy apricots, sweet chocolate chips, and larger chunks of almonds and peanuts. More Nutrition! Each bar now has 23 vitamins and minerals for overall wellness, 5 grams of our proprietary fiber blend and 8-12 grams of soy protein for enhanced muscle recovery. More Energy! According to a recent university study, the blend of carbohydrates, protein and fiber in Clif Bars causes a steady increase and then a gradual decline in blood sugar level to avoid the sugar high and crash often associated with refined ingredients and sweeteners, creating nutrition for sustained energy. All-Natural Ingredients! Clif Bar Inc. believes in using only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients. in keeping with this tradition, we use only non-GMO soy protein, meaning that none of the soy used in Clif Bar products has been genetically modified.Based on a 2,000 Calorie Diet.


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