Cycle Caddy - Motorcycle Golf Bag/Sports Carrier

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Product Information

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Cycle Caddy - Motorcycle Golf Bag/Sports Carrier

Cycle Caddy can easily accomodate any golf bag with up to a 10 round or oval base. Cycle Caddy is manufactured using HIGH GRADE extruded aluminum which is chrome finished and weighs in at only 24 lbs

The Sports Carrier has a 10" inside diameter base and will easily accommodate any sports bag. The Sports Carrier allows you to safely transport your golf clubs, baseball or softball equipment, hockey equipment, in fact virtually any sporting equipment on your motorcycle.

Cycle Caddy allows you the freedom and enjoyment of taking your motorcycle to your sporting event.

"2006 PGA Product of the Year" Award Winner

Each carrier comes with:

  • Leather handgrip embossed with Cycle Caddy logo.
  • 3 heavy duty elastic straps to hold your equipment firmly and safely in place.
  • Universal mounting bracket with etched logo.
  • Insertion Pin
  • Lock to protect your Cycle Caddy.
  • Soft cover to protect your bag and to protect the finish of the carrier.
  • Rear Bolt Adapter
  • Insulated Metal Washer
  • Aviation Nut
  • Cotter Pin

For years, motorcycle enthusiasts who also love to play ball have fantasized about how incredible it would be if you could somehow drive your motorcycle to the game... with your equipment securely and safely attached.

Until now it just wasn't possible. Thanks to Cycle Caddy, you can now enjoy biking and sports at the same time!

After many years of research and development, we are extremely proud to introduce Cycle Caddy. Cycle Caddy's innovative design allows you to quickly and safely secure your sporting equipment to your motorcycle with great ease. Cycle Caddy is a product designed with the utmost safety, compatibility and comfort in mind. Streamlined and visually appealing, Cycle Caddy is effortless, safe, and fun!

• The patented rear axle bolt adapter is made from plated cold-rolled steel. It is hex-shaped, and small enough so it doesn't detract from the looks and style of your bike.

• The aluminum mounting bracket is patented, chrome-finished, and designed with a compression fit hex-shaped slot that quickly and easily snugs onto the rear axle bolt adapter.

• Cycle Caddy is manufactured using HIGH GRADE extruded aluminum which is chrome-finished.
Sports Carrier Weight: 20 lbs.
Luggage Carrier Weight: 18 lbs.

• Just slide your Cycle Caddy into the mounting bracket slots and secure with the steel you're ready to roll! A lock is included if you choose to leave Cycle Caddy on your bike.

• Cycle Caddy Sports Carrier can easily accommodate any sports bag with up to a 10 inch round or oval base.

• Cycle Caddy will easily adapt to any motorcycle with a 5/8" dia. - 18 thread count solid rear axle bolt. Some examples would be: all Harley-Davidson models, Titans, Panzers, Big Dogs, and others. (If your bike has a solid rear axle bolt with different dimensions, just send us your specs, and we can easily design an adapter for you)!

Cycle Caddy is designed with the utmost safety, compatibility and comfort in mind. Cycle Caddy is manufactured using the safest, field tested technology available! Cycle Caddy will not alter the performance, aerodynamics, or balance of your bike while attached.

From a performance standpoint you will not notice Cycle Caddy is attached. The only reminder you will have that Cycle Caddy is mounted on your bike are the number of times people ask where you found such a unique product! The specially designed rear axle bolt adapter has been tested to COMPLETE failure at 22,000 pounds per square inch! All the welds have been stress-tested during actual riding conditions and have performed flawlessly. A cover is included that secures your equipment as well as preventing road grime from damaging both your equipment and Cycle Caddy.

Road tested at speeds up to and including 70 mph, Cycle Caddy performs flawlessly. To insure your absolute safety at all times speeds above 55mph are not recommended.

• We recommend that you have Cycle Caddy installed by a certified motorcycle technician.
• Make sure the belts, pin, and cover are properly attached.
• If you have an oval shaped bag, have the narrow side facing the front of your bike.
• Use only Cycle Caddy authorized parts.

The safety of the Caddy is not compromised while riding with a passenger!


About Cycle Caddy
Cycle Caddy is locally owned and operated in Cranberry, Pennsylvania. As two of many people that enjoy both motorcycling and sports, we were always faced with the dilemma. "Which one should we do on this beautiful day?" This predicament was the inspiration for the development of Cycle Caddy.


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