Dancing Paws 0139170 Shaken zyme For Cats and Dogs - 4. 4 oz

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Product Information

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Dancing Paws 0139170 Shaken zyme For Cats and Dogs - 4. 4 oz

Wellness, Longevity, Digestion Pet Nutrient System- Shake 'N Zyme is the ideal way to deliver daily enzyme supplementation necessary to promote proper digestion and to assimilate nutrients which is the foundation of superior health- Our formula contains organic dulse, an edible sea vegetable found in the Atlantic Ocean, which is high in minerals and helps spark enzyme activity- Dancing Paws Philosophy - Our commitment is to provide a safe and effective Pet Nutrient System that helps promote optimum health and longevity- Our pets are our family and trust us to provide the same quality products we demand for ourselves- We won't compromise; we use only the highest quality Human Grade ingredients and manufacture our products at human dietary supplement plants requiring frequent FDA and Human Food GMP approvals- Holistic Approach - Our pets' chemistry is intricate and easily thrown out of balance- For that reason, we recommend using a quality pet food and thoughtful supplementation- Our team of renowned doctors and veterinarians have precisely identified the vitamins, minerals, and botanical nutrients pets need- These nutrients are then perfectly and safely combined into the finest Pet Nutrient System on the market today- Expert Care Our Pet Nutrient System should be used in conjunction with expert veterinary care- We recommend consulting with a veterinarian who is familiar with the efficacy of complementary medicine, including nutritional supplements and remedies- Promotes proper digestion- Assists in the absorption of essential nutrients- Supports proper weight management- Delicious human grade ingredients dogs love! SKU: NEW5094

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