Depend For Women Fit Kit 3 count

Depend For Women Fit Kit 3 count

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Style and Protection just for you. Depend® for Women Fit Kit includes all three sizes of underwear to help you find the right fit, a brochure with helpful information, and a valuable coupon for future purchases. Depend® for Women Underwear is specially made to fit the shape of a woman. It features comfortable oval-cut leg openings and protection where you need it most. Soft, quiet and breathable, they’re easy to use -- just pull them on and off. Why choose Depend Brand products? Depend® products use a thin, absorbent pad made of super absorbent polymers that draws wetness in, away from the skin, helping to lock in urine and odors while helping to keep skin dry. All are latex-free and contain no lotions or fragrances. Key Features: 1. Fits snugly at the waist with a pink bar inside to indicate the back of the underwear. 2. Protects right where women need it most, with an ABSORB-LOC® core and worry-free odor control. 3. Oval-cut leg openings help protect against leakage and fit like underwear. Questions? Call a Continence Advisor at 1-877-413-3736