Desal DESAL-TFM-24 Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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Product Information

Product Information

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Desal DESAL-TFM-24 Reverse Osmosis Membrane

The GE Desal TFM-24 is a 24 Gallon Per Day RO Membrane- Unlike conventional filtration which can be maintenance-intensive, membrane-separation technology uses crossflow filtration where impurities are captured on the membrane and are constantly swept away by the concentrate stream- Thus the reverse osmosis membrane surface is continuously cleaned, which prolongs the life of the RO membrane and reduces maintenance costs-The spiral-wound membrane element is constructed of one or more membrane envelopes which are wound around a perforated central tube- The permeate water passes through the membrane into the envelope and spirals inward to the central tube- The GE TFM-24 is a Thin-Film Membrane- The GE Desal TFM-24 RO Membrane is not chlorine resistant- A chlorine taste and odor reduction water filter must be used before the RO membrane if chlorine is present in your water supply- 24 Gallons Per Day- ANSI/NSF 58 listed for performance- Dimensions: 1-80" W x 11-75" L- Average NaCl Rejection (%): 98-0- SKU: CWD2049

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