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Announcing SHOP.COM Direct Electronics Outlet

SHOP.COM Direct Electronics Outlet is your source for home electronics. We offer a broad selection of new and reconditioned electronics including televisions, audio and video components, home theater systems, computers monitors, laptops and tablet computers. We offer the best possible value on top national brands to let you build your dream system and stay within your budget. See all SHOP.COM Direct Electronics Outlet products.


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What is a Reconditioned, Refurbished or Factory-serviced product?

Reconditioned, refurbished and reconditioned products are items which have been returned to an authorized factory repair center for testing, inspection, and repair, or that have been repaired by certified technicians. Please understand some reconditioned items may have marks, scratches, or other signs of wear. All factory service products carry the applicable manufacturer’s warranty.

Recertified products are often better than new, because they undergo more rigorous inspection and testing than new products. The defect rate of recertified items is far lower than that of items sold as new. Sometimes items sold as recertified are, in fact, "new" items that have simply been repackaged due to damage to the box or casing during shipping. The item may never have even made it to a store shelf! Additionally, other items that are sold as recertified include manufacturer's overstock, discontinued items, products with minor cosmetic blemishes, and store demo items.

Please refer to the listed return policy for details.