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Extend Nutrition Variety Pack (25 servings)

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ExtendSnacks Variety (15-serving box) is a great chance to try all the forms and flavors of ExtendSnacks for one low price. You'll get 1 bar of each of our ExtendBar flavors, 1 bag of each of our ExtendCrisp flavors, 5 bags of each of our delicious Ext...
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Extend Nutrition Variety Pack (25 servings)
ExtendSnacks Variety (15-serving box) is a great chance to try all the forms and flavors of ExtendSnacks for one low price. You'll get 1 bar of each of our ExtendBar flavors, 1 bag of each of our ExtendCrisp flavors, 5 bags of each of our delicious ExtendDrizzles and 5 of our powdered shake mixes that you add to milk, water or any other beverage of yoiur choice (2 Chocolate, 2 Vanilla and 1 Strawberry). Invented by Dr. Francine Kaufman, ExtendSnacks are made with the only formula clinically proven to help control blood sugar for up to 9 hours. All ExtendSnacks can be helpful for people with diabetes, people looking to live healthy, people managing their weight, or anyone looking for sustained energy.

1. Why are ExtendSnacks a great fit into the Transitions(tm) Lifestyle System?
The following benefits of ExtendSnacks make them the perfect partner snack for the Transitions(tm) Lifestyle System:

a. Low Glycemic.  The full line of ExtendSnacks are low glycemic (low glycemic index and load).  Furthermore, since ExtendSnacks' slow burning cabrs convert to glucose over 9 hours they provide the benefits of low glycemic foods for a longer time period than most typical Low GI foods.
b. Provide Hunger AND Glucose Control.  ExtendSnacks provide both glucose control and hunger control.  Very few snacks can do both.
c. Easy behavior change: 2-3 servings per day, everyday (replacing less healthy snacks).  Daily consumption of ExtendSnacks can improve glucose control and calorie control making it an easy to implement snack, that is convenient and fits into a wide range of lifestyle preferences.
d. Strong scientific foundation.  ExtendSnacks were developed by Dr. Francine Kaufman, a leading endocrinologist and past President of the American Diabetes Association.  Backed by 6 clinical studies and 17 patents, ExtendSnacks really work when it comes to glucose control and hunger control.
e. ExtendSnacks have a very balanced nutritional profile.  They are high in fiber and protein, low in fat, and sugar-free/low carb.  Very few energy or protein snacks have this profile.  Most protein/energy snacks have a lopsided profile.  Some are high in protein but also have a lot of fat and sugar.  Others are high in fiber but don't have much protein.  ExtendSnacks have only the good (fiber and protein) without the bad (sugar and fat).  Finally, ExtendSnacks are also Guten-Free and Kosher.

2. What are the ingredients that make ExtendSnacks so effective?

The key ingredient that makes ExtendSnacks so effective is uncooked cornstarch.  Uncooked cornstarch is a very complex, low glycemic carbohydrate that digests and converts to blood sugar very, very slowly.  Interestingly, once corn or cornstarch is heated or cooked, as it is in most of the food products we eat containing corn, it becomes a simple, high-glycemic carbohydrate that works just the opposite, converting to blood sugar very rapidly.

In ExtendSnacks, the uncooked cornstarch is combined with specific amounts of protein, fiber, and fat to further slow the conversion to blood sugar.  As a result, this unique ExtendSnacks combination - patented by Dr. Kaufman a physician specializing in metabolism - converts to blood sugar more gradually than any other snack and is the only one clinically proven to help stabilize blood sugar levels for up to 9 hours.

3. Do other snacks contain these ingredients?

The formula used in ExtendSnacks is patent-protected, so no other snack contains this combination of ingredients shown to help stabilize blood sugar for up to 9 hours.  Most other snacks contain carbohydrates that aren't as long-acting and complex as those in ExtendSnacks, so they convert to blood sugar more rapidly and therefore can't help stabilize blood sugar levels as long as ExtendSnacks.

4. Who can benefit from using ExtendSnacks?

Anyone who would to eat healthy, better manage their blood sugar levels and/or gain control over hunger can benefit from ExtendSnacks.

a. Individuals trying to lose or manage weight.  When used as a between meal snack, ExtendSnacks can help you control your hunger, so you snack less and even eat an average of 21% less calories at mealtime.  And because ExtendSnacks won't raise blood sugar levels significantly, you won't see a spike in insuling levels, so your body will be more likely to burn fat for fuel and less likely to produce and store fat.
b. People living with diabetes.  Whether you have Type 1, Type 2, Gestational diabetes, Pre-diabetes, or insulin-resistance, ExtendSnacks are great for you.  They won't cause the blood sugar spikes and swings other foods can, making it much easier to manage your blood sugar levels.
c. People struggling with low blood sugar unrelated to diabetes. Even if you don't have diabetes, you can still benefit from the ability of ExtendSnacks to help prevent low blood sugar for up to 9 hours.  Particularly if you have reactive hypoglycemia, exrepience low blood sugar during or after exercise, often skip meals, or go too long between meals.
d. Individuals who want to maintain their energy level or improve their athletic performance.  Because ExtendSnacks convert to blood sugar gradually over 9 hours, they provide you with a sustained supply of energy to help get you through the most physically demanding activity or your most hectic day.  They prevent the drops in blood sugar that can hurt your performance or slow you down.

5. When should I eat ExtendSnacks to get the maximum benefit?

When you should eat an ExtendSnack depends on which ExtendSnack benefits are most important to you.
a. To help control your hunger: Use an ExtendSnacks as a healthy, between-meal snack, an hour or two after a meal, to keep your hunger from sabotaging you during your most vulnerable times of the day.
b. To prevent low blood sugar: Eat an ExtendSnacks about an hour or two before you think an episode of low blood sugar is most likely to occur.  If low blood sugar is a frequent problem overnight, take an ExtendSnack as a bedtime snack.  If it's a problem during of after exercise or any physically demanding activity, take an ExtendSnack an hour before the activity begins.  If you experience low blood sugar when you go too long between meals or skip a meal, use an ExtendSnack as a healthy, between-meal snack.
c. To prevent high blood sugar in the morning: If you find you are going to bed with a normal blood sugar level, but waking with a blood sugar level much higher, eating an ExtendSnack as a bed-time snack can help.  In a clinical study where an ExtendSnack was used as a bed-time snack, it was shown to reduce high morning blood sugar readings by an average of 28%.
d. To maximize the benefits of your low carb lifestyle: One of the key benefits of low carb foods is that they won't cause your blood sugar and insulin levels ot spike, so your body is more likely to burn fat for fuel and less likely to produce and store fat.  ExtendSnacks convert to blood sugar gradually over 9 hours - far longer than any other low cab snacks.  Each ExtendSnacks can extend these low carb benefits for most of the day (if taken in the morning); also through the afternoon and evening (if taken just after lunch); even overnight (if take as a bed-time snack)!

6. How do ExtendSnacks help suppress appetite?

ExtendSnacks do not contain any ingredients that chemically suppress your appetite, like ephedra, caffeine, or guarana.  Instead, ExtendSnacks help naturally control your hunger by helping to prevent one of the key triggers of appetite - your blood sugar dropping too quickly or too low.
Unlike ExtendSnacks, most common snacks contain carbohydrates that convert rapidly to blood sugar, sending your blood sugar soaring.  Then withing a couple of hours it crashes back down, triggering your appetite and you're hungry again within just a couple of hours of earing.  But ExtendSnacks contain a very slow-burning, long-acting carbohydrate which converts to blood sugar very gradually, helping to prevent your blood sugar drom dropping low enough to trigger your appetite.  In this way, ExtendSnacks help you control you hunger naturally.

When clinically tested, eating an ExtendBar as a between meal snack helped control appetite and reduced calories consumed at the next meal by an average of 21%.  In addition to a more satisfied feeling throughout the day, many people have reported significant weight loss after using ExtendSnacks regularly.

7. How do ExtendSnacks help to prevent low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)?

Unlike the carbohydrates in most foods we eat, that convert to blood sugar within a couple of hours, the naturally complex carbohydrates in ExtendSnacks break down gradually to help prevent your blood sugar level from dropping too low for up to 9 hours.  The torture test for this, not surprisingly, is at night while you sleep and can't replenish your blood sugar supply with food.  In several clinical studies where an ExtendBar was eaten as a bedtime snack, the incidence of low blood sugar was reduced by 75%.

ExtendSnacks can help prevent low blood sugar any time it's likely to occur:
a. Overnight - when your body has no supply of blood sugar from food.  An ExtendSnack before bed will help prevent lwo blood sugar throughout the night.
b. During, and even hours after, any vigorous activity or exercise - when your body uses a lot more blood sugar than normal.  Eating an ExtendSnack before the activity begins helps prevent low blood sugar during and even several hours after the activity ends.
c. When a meal gets delayed - having an ExtendSnack as a snack will help provide your body with the baseline blood sugar it needs to function properly until you have a chance to eat a complete meal.

8. Can ExtendSnacks be used to treat a low blood sugar episode?

Once an episode of low blood sugar occurs (a blood sugar level bwloe 70mg/dl) you should consume a food or beverage with rapid-acting carbohydrates (10-15 grams) to bring your blood sugar quickly back up to normal. A 4 oz/ glass of fruit juice or regular cola, a Tbsp of honey, an 8 oz. glass of nonfat milk, 6 pieces of hard candy (as long as it's not sugar-free), 3 glucose tablets or a tub of glucose gel all should work to quickly raise blood sugar levels.

Since ExtendSnacks contain primarily the longer-acting carbohydrates, they are not an appropriate treatment for low blood sugar once it occurs.  However, because the symptoms of low blood sugar can come on quickly and can be serious if not treated promptly, it is best to prevent low blood sugar from happening in the first place.  Only ExtendSnacks help provide a continuous supply of blood sugar for up to 9 hours - longer than any other snack - to help prevent episodes of low blood sugar.

9. How do ExtendSnacks help prevent high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) in the morning?

What many people with diabetes don't understand is that having your blood sugar drop too low during the night, can actually cause your blood sugar to be high first thing in the morning, even before you eat.  That's because as you sleep, your blood sugar level naturally drops.  If your blood sugar drops too low during the night, your liver releases glycogen (a stored form of glucose) into your bloodstream.  This quickly raises your blood sugar levels, often causing high blood sugar.

When eaten at bedtime, an ExtendSnack can help prevent your blood sugar level from dropping low enough to trigger the release of glycogen from your liver.  In fact, in a clincialy study where an ExtendBar was eaten as a bedtime snack, morning blood sugar levels were an average of 28% lower.

10. In what way are ExtendSnacks better than other low-cab and sugar-free foods?

Like ExtendSnacks, most low-carb and sugar-free foods have few fast-converting (net) carbs.  So when you eat them, they won't cause a big rise in your blood sugar.  But that's where the similarity ends.
Unfortunately, other low-carb and sugar-free foods don't contain sufficient long-acting carbohydrates to help maintain a healthy blodo sugar level throughout the day or night like ExtendSnacks.  So, within a couple of hours your blood sugar drops, triggering your hunger and leaving you susceptible to episodes of low blood sugar, or overeating.  Plus, many low-carb snacks are also high in fat and cholesterol and contain trans-fats, so they are not as good for your heart.
The unique formula in ExtendSnacks is patented for its ability to break down more gradually than other foods and release nutrients into your system more slowly.  This slow conversion helps keep you blood sugar from rising too quickly, and continues to supply your body with the blood sugar fuel it needs to help prevent low blood sugar and keep your appetite under control for up to 9 hours.  And because ExtendSnacks contain no cholesterol or trans-fats, they're also deliciously heart healthy.

11. Can I lose weight using this product?

Unlike many weight loss products on the market, ExtendSnacks do not ""burn fat"" or ""speed up your metabolism"", but they can help you to lose weight naturally in two ways.  First, because ExtendSnacks convert so slowly to blood sugar, they won't cause the spike in insuling production that encourages your body to produce and store fat.
Second, because ExtendSnacks continue to provide you with a modest amount of blood sugar for up to 9 hours, they work as a natural appetite suppressant, helping you to avoid unhealthy snacking between meals and eat leass at meals.  In clinical studies, people that used an ExtendSnack between meals ate an average of 21% fewer calories at their next meal.
So when used regularly, ExtendSnacks can help you steadily lose weight in a more sustainable way.

12. Do ExtendSnacks have a low glycemic index and glycemic load? And why is it important?

All ExtendSnack flavors have a low glycemic index (GI) and our ExtendBar Delights and ExtendCrisps also have a low glycemic load (GL).  The GI and GL provide good indicators of how much your blood sugar will increase within two hours of eating a particular food.  This is very important to know when you're trying to manage your blood sugar levels - whether your goal is to better control your diabetes or manage your weight.

Unfortunately, the GI and GL only measure blood sugar response for 2 hours - the time in which most commonly eaten carbohydrates digest.  But unique snacks like ExtendSnacks, offer a benefit other low GI and GL foods can't.  They conert to gradually to blood sugar over 7-9 hours.  So they continue to help stabilize blood sugar levels long after other low-carb snacks have stopped.

13. How do ExtendSnacks help improve exercise performance and recovery?

With most types of exercise and strenuous physical activty, the body's rate of using blood sugar (energy) increases both during the activity and for several hours after.  And it's not uncommon for a person to hit a point when their energy level suddenly drops and they experience symptoms of low blood sugar (headaches, feeling light-headed, weak, shaky, or inability to focus.)

Because ExtendSnacks convert to blood sugar over 7-9 hours - more slowly than any other snack - they can supply the energy you need for even the most physically demanding activity.  And ExtendSnacks continue providing energy for several hours after, while your body works to adjust its blood sugar needs back to a normal level.

14. Are ExtendSnacks certified Kosher?

Yes, all of our products are Kosher.  The Kosher symbol (OU-D) can be found on the back or side of the carton and on the individual wrappers and bags as well.

15. Are ExtendSnacks Gluten Free?

All five flavors of our ExtendBar Delight formula are gluten-free.  All 3 flavors of ExtendShakes are also gluten-free.  Our ExtendCrisps are made from gluten-free, but are not certified gluten-free because the manufacturing process for the Crisps hasn't been confirmed to adequately protect from gluten contamination from other products made at the facility.  We have taken the following steps to confirm the gluten-free status of ExtendBar Delights:
1. All the ingredients are gluten-free.
2. Products were tested for gluten content using testing protocols and test systems recognized and/or approved by the following organizations: GFCO (Gluten Free Certification Organization) and CODEX and is used by the Food Allergen Research and Resource Program from the University of Nebraska (considered to be the preier soruce for food allergen information worldwide).
3. We use the ELISA RIDASCREEN(r) Gliadin and the RIDASCREEN(r) FAST Gliadin that employs the R5-antibody which is able to efficiently quantify proalmins from wheat, barley, and rye at a level of 100%.
4. Our test results and test methods are in compliance with the US FDA's proposed rule for Gluten Free Foods (On Jan. 22, 2007 the FDA posted to the Federal Register a Proposed Rule for Labeling Gluten-Free Labeling of Foods (Docket No. 2005N-0279)).
5. Our test results and test methods are in compliance with Canadian, European, Australian standards for Gluten-Free foods.

16. Should I consult a physician before I use ExtendSnacks?

ExtendSnacks fit into the FDA's medical food classification, which simply means that they have been clinically shown to help in the dietary management of a medical condition.  In the case of ExtendSnacks, clinical studies have shown them to be very beneficial in the management of diabetes and low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) because of the ability to help stabilize blood sugar levels.
While ExtendSnacks do not require a prescription, if you have diabetes it is important to account for the calories, carbohydrates, etc. from ExtendSnacks in your normal meal planning.  Your healthcare professional can best aid you in this process.  Please feel free to have your healthcare professional review ExtendSnacks nutritional information and clinical studies."
Extend Nutrition Variety Pack (25 servings)
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