Fire & Flavor Grilling Papers, Small 8 count

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Fire & Flavor Grilling Papers, Small 8 count

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Fire & Flavor Grilling Papers, Small 8 count

All Natural Western Red Cedar Papers. Includes cotton string for tying. Eight papers per pack. Great for Salmon, Shrimp, Scallops, Halibut, Cheese and Vegetables. Use is cast iron skillet or grill pan or on outdoor grill. Made from SFI certified wood. Single Use Papers Directions

1. SOAK papers in water in a shallow dish for 10 minutes. 2. HEAT grill or grill pan to 400 degrees or medium-high heat. Place food face down in center of soaked paper parallel to grain of wood. Fold paper's edges towards each other until they overlap. Tie with cotton string or place seam side down on grill grate or pan. 3. SMOKE wrapped food directly on grill grates or grill pan, close lid, and cook for 3-4 minutes per side until food is done to your liking. 4. EAT Serve cedar wrapped food straight to the dinner table and enjoy.


Caution: Papers may catch fire. Cedar papers must be properly soaked before using. Use a spray bottle of water to put out flare-ups. Cedar papers are not reusable. Discard after use. Papers will get hot during cooking. Use hot pads or tongs to handle papers during and after cooking. Never leave grill unattended while cooking. Do no use Cedar Papers directly on flames or coals of grill, or on oven heating element. Cedar Papers are not edible. Do not eat. When cooking in oven do not exceed 400 degrees.


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