Fixx™ Hair Mascara

Fixx™ Hair Mascara

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Fixx™ Hair Mascara

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Product Information

Primary Benefits of Fixx™ Hair Mascara: 

  • Mascara-like precision applicator gives you color where you want it
  • Helps moisturize skin beneath your hair
  • Great for mustaches, beards and roots
  • A fast fix for men and women
  • Always look salon perfect
  • Washes out easily

Product Information

Fixx™ Hair Mascara

What Makes Fixx™ Hair Mascara Unique?

Fixx™ Hair Mascara provides instant, professional formula hair color to grey hair or in-between-color roots. The unique mascara wand applicator is easy to use, precise and provides a cleaner, more natural, application of color where you want it vs. harder to use touch up markers, sticks and flat applicators provided in other touch up products. Natural-looking color stays all day and washes out easily with normal shampooing. Fixx Hair Mascara is applied to dry hair and can also be used on sideburns, beards and moustaches for quick touchups. Available in blonde-brown, brown and black for your best hair color match.


Key Ingredients Found in Fixx™ Hair Mascara:

Fixx™ Hair Mascara was formulated as an instant, natural-looking, professional hair color to touch up grey hair or in-between-color roots. Natural looking color stays all day and washes out easily with normal shampooing.

Black Iron Dioxide
A colorant (black) that helps the hair mascara mask grey color. The chemical compound is composed of an iron molecule and two oxygens. The iron dioxide reflects light.

Avalure AC120
Helps create a film coating and gives the product a more natural feel. It also acts as a binder for other active ingredients. It adheres well and is water resistant. It is fast drying with good hardness.

Stearic Acid
Stearic acid is a fatty acid used as an emollient and agent to keep other ingredients intact in the formula. It also softens and soothes the scalp. It helps prevent the loss of moisture and increases the water-holding capacity.

Titanium Dioxide
Titanium dioxide is used to help to increase the opacity of a cosmetics product and reduce the transparency of a product formula. Titanium dioxide also absorbs, reflects or scatters light (including ultraviolet radiation in light), which can help protect products from deterioration.

All ingredients in Fixx™ Hair Mascara work together to provide a professional formula hair color that provides instant touch up results to grey hair or in-between-color roots.  Get natural-looking color that provides full coverage that can also be applied to sideburns, beards and moustaches.


Frequently Asked Questions about Fixx™ Hair Mascara:

How to Use Fixx™ Hair Mascara?
The Fixx™ Hair Mascara provides an easy-to-use brush wand applicator to help you apply color easily and precisely so the color goes where you want it. For grey hair, apply Fixx Hair Mascara using short strokes over hair strands or areas of grey to blend with your natural color. To touch up roots, divide dry hair into 1-inch sections. Apply Fixx Hair Mascara using short, gentle strokes to cover hair with color. Let dry for at least five minutes. If desired, run a wide toothed comb through finished hair for a natural appearance.     

Why should I use Fixx™ Hair Mascara?
Hair mascara is a quick and easy tool to cover your roots or to disguise grey hair. The mascara can be easily applied each morning for lasting results and rinsed out in your next hair wash. Hair mascara is non-permanent, quality hair color that lasts all day and keeps you looking your best in between salon treatments.

To find your most natural-looking hair color match, Fixx™ Hair Mascara comes in three colors (blond-brown, brown and black). Hair mascara goes beyond touch ups. Keep your style up to date with the latest hair trends by adding temporary highlights or low lights (darker areas or strands of hair in contrast to highlights or lighter strands of hair). Hair mascara washes out easily and will not leave color residue behind.

Why can’t I use regular eye mascara on my hair?
At the first mention of mascara, many of us visualize eye makeup. Hair mascaras are specifically formulated for your hair and use non permanent hair coloring. They are safe products for styling short hair and long hair, and will not clump or look unnatural, or leave color or product residue behind, as a product formulated for lashes would if applied to hair. 

Can I use Fixx™ Hair Mascara on my mustache or beard?
Yes, Fixx Hair Mascara works well on beard or mustaches to cover up or blend grey with your natural hair color. The long lasting, non permanent hair color will wash out with soap and water.

Will Fixx™ Hair Mascara come out if my hair gets wet?
Fixx™ Hair Mascara contains water resistant polymers. Product should not be used prior to swimming.

Will Fixx™ Hair Mascara stain my skin or scalp?
Product may temporarily discolor skin or scalp. It is recommended that you wipe away any excess product using a tissue or cotton swab after using. To prevent the product from coming into contact with the scalp you can safeguard skin using a fine-toothed comb. Insert the comb parallel to your scalp so that it touches your scalp at the very root of your hair. Do not comb through. With the comb in place you can trace over your hair with the mascara. The comb acts as a shield for your scalp.