GlobalCare™ SP7™ Toilet Bowl Dispenser

GlobalCare™ SP7™ Toilet Bowl Dispenser

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GlobalCare™ SP7™ Toilet Bowl Dispenser

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Skip the unpleasant task of cleaning your toilet with the GlobalCare SP7 Toilet Bowl Dispenser. This septic-system friendly toilet bowl cleaner attaches to your toilet bowl and keeps it clean automatically. The system installs easily and out-of-sight...
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Keep your toilet bowl clean automatically with our new, easy-to-use SP7 dispenser.


  • Attaches easily to your toilet bowl
  • Automatically keeps your toilet clean
  • Great for your septic system


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Doesn't work

Shop Consultant

on 08/24/2013

I know there has to be a way to make this thing work. It does in one of 5 toilets in my house but not for the other four. I am going to figure out how to modify it to work, but my physics training is out of date and I might not live long enough to figure it out. The SP7 is great. I am not giving up and will post my fix when I figure it out. My toilets are all low flow as is now recommended for all residential applications.

Shop Consultant

on 04/03/2010

I have one of those 1 gal. tanks and found plenty of room to fit the dispenser in it. It saves me a lot of money over the alternative cleaners such as the tank tablets. I filled it up with toilet bowl cleaner, put it in the tank, and now the toilet cleans itself.

on 09/10/2008

The dispenser doesn't work in low flow toilets... I didn't think about that when I bought one for EACH toilet in our house. So if you have this type of toilet, stay away from this dispenser. It's a great idea, just not a "universal" product.