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Good Cop, Bad Money Book

What Makes Good Cop, Bad Money Unique? 

Good Cop, Bad Money is an autobiographical novel by Glen Morisano, a former deputy inspector for the New York City Police Department, chronicling his life as one of the NYPD’s true heroes.                   

The book explains how Morisano’s early life struggles – coming from an abusive household and watching his grandfather die after a brutal beating on the Staten Island Ferry – propelled him into manhood, becoming one of the NYPD’s most decorated officers.

Morisano’s story is one that teaches how strong values, honor and truth can help someone make a difference – a story that Market America founder and CEO JR Ridinger has called “a Market America kind of book… about a real person overcoming adversity to win.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Good Cop, Bad Money:

What is Good Cop, Bad Money about?
Good Cop, Bad Money is an autobiographical novel about Glen Morisano, a former New York City Police Department deputy inspector. In the book, Morisano discussed how his troubled early life led him on a path to make a difference.

Why should I purchase Good Cop, Bad Money?
Good Cop, Bad Money has themes that are relatable to most people: overcoming obstacles, dealing with adversity, being honest with who you are and what you do, and trying to make a difference in not only one’s life, but the lives of others.

Who is Glen Morisano?
Glen Morisano began his career as a beat cop with the New York City Police Department and rose to the executive rank of Deputy Inspector before retiring. He was a member of the department during 9/11. Glen is currently a vice president with Barclays Capital Investment Bank.

Who is First One Digital Publishing?
First One Digital Publishing is the first major publisher to put the ebook first, focusing on all things digital—from the ebook, to the trailer, from the audiobook to the songtrack (music to accompany books).