Gutter Sense™ Gutter Cleaning Tool

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Gutter Sense™ Gutter Cleaning Tool

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Gutter Sense™ Gutter Cleaning Tool

Cleaning a gutter with your bare hands can cause painful scratches and cuts. And climbing a ladder to reach second-story gutters is just asking for trouble. Instead keep your hands unscathed and your feet on the ground by using Gutter Sense, the easy-to-use rain gutter cleaning device!

This clever gutter cleaner tool features large polycarbonate "tongs" that will grab 14" of leaves or pine needles from flat-bottom gutters when you pull on the 12'-long braided rope included. Then just dump the debris in a trash bag or compost pile! You'll need to add your own threaded broom handle or extension pole to this gutter cleaning device, or get the Gutter Sense and Pole set (sold below), with telescoping steel pole that gives you 4' to 16' of extra reach.

Gutter Sense Gutter Cleaning Tool benefits:

  • Eliminates ladder climbing
  • Your hands never have to touch the mess
  • Usable to two stories (additional rope is required for two-story use)
  • Easy adjustment for landscape obstacles
  • Tongs angled for easy access

If you'd rather keep the leaves out of your gutters altogether, use our Mesh Gutter Leaf Guards.


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