Himalayan Breeze Decorative Fan Clock A (Small)- Red HBS-9052

Himalayan Breeze Decorative Fan Clock A (Small)- Red HBS-9052
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Product Information

Himalayan Breeze is proud to present, our new line of decorative fans! Sculpted in beautiful colored ironwork, these fans will add ambience to any room! Himalayan Breeze fans are made to last with durable materials, very light in weight, and easily portable. These are a definite trend setter! They can be the topic of your conversation, with any of your guests. Why have a regular fan when you can enjoy the uniqueness of Himalayan Breeze. Deciding on a gift? You have just found it! Himalayan Breeze is a great choice for a beautiful and affordable gift. These are an easy choice! Unique designs, hand painted, perfect cooling, personal touch. A decorative gift that would look great in living rooms, bedrooms, kids rooms, offices, kitchens, and countless other options.