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Product Information

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Jack Nobber Massage Tool

JackNobber Massage Tool for Trigger point release and acupressure massage-Jacknobber II Hand Massage Tool For Deep Tissue Work The Original Jacknobber II ®, uniquely designed for the 21st century, is the first in the Pressure Positive line of deep tissue massage tools. This specially crafted products resembles the Jacknobber and can be used in much the same way. The Jacknobber II is a Special Hand Massager The plastic version of the Original Jacknobber. The Pressure Positive Jacknobber II Massager is exactly the same as the Original Jacknobber but is made of strong acrylic. The shape and smooth feel of the Original Jacknobber II® allows the user to give a most pleasant and relaxing back massage over clothing or with massage oil directly on the skin. The Jacknobber II Massager comes a vibrant color. Give yourself or a friend a full body massage and easily store the Jacknobber II in a drawer when not in use. For superior massage delivery, a compact electronic handheld massager may better suit your needs.

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