Konus USA General Biology 25 Slide Set

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Product Information

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Konus USA General Biology 25 Slide Set

KOJ1075 Features Individual related specimen in 8 languages Packed in a practical and attractive wooden box Set includes: Unicellular animal (Amoebe or other); Paramecium sp. whole mount; Hydra sp. whole mount; Daphnia sp. whole mount; Lumbricus (earthworm) transversal section; House fly, mouth parts, whole mount; Honey bee, mouth parts, whole mount; Honey bee, posterior leg; Simple flat epithelium, whole mount; Skeletal muscle, lateral section; Human blood smear; Frog blood smear; Lung, section; Artery and vein; Human skin, section through hair follicle; Three types of bacteria, smear; Spirogyra continugation, whole mount; Volvox, whole mount; Moss, whole mount; Mitosis onion root tip cells, section; Monocot + Dicot roots; Monocot and Dicot stems; Tilia one year stem; Tilia three year stem; Monocot and dicot leaves Includes 34 series of the range of slides, embracing many different themes Generic Dimensions 9" H x 9" W x 9" D

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