Life Is Good MENS Crusher T-Shirts: Swing Easy on Emerald

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Life Is Good MENS Crusher T-Shirts: Swing Easy on Emerald

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Life Is Good MENS Crusher T-Shirts: Swing Easy on Emerald

Men's Crusher Tee

Tee reads, "Swing Easy." The men's crusher tee "crushes" all challengers. Nothing on the market combines a weathered look, durability, and softness quite like this 100% cotton tee. In addition to special dyeing and washing processes, we've added a new secret step we call "crushing" which truly doubles the softness. Complete with DO WHAT YOU LIKE, LIKE WHAT YOU DO. ® locker patch on the bottom hem. This tee is part of our new "marker-drawn" series; the graphic has a rough, colored-in quality that boasts an air of artistic flair. Available in sizes: L and XL

Colors of Tee Shirts only printed with logo shown.

The New & Improved Crusher Tee...

SOFTER: We've improved the softness of our tees through a new secret step in the wash process called "Crushing" which yields extra loft in the fabric for a softer, suppler hand feel.
BETTER COLOR: Improved pigment dying process that gives a weathered look, while achieving better consistency in shading variances.
GREAT LABEL: We've removed the tag and screenprinted our label onto the garment for better comfort.
BETTER FIT: We've added side seams which allow for tighter control over variances in shape during manufacturing for a better fit.
BETTER SPEC CONTROL: We've tightened up the tolerances so all our tees are more consistent in the sizing.
SUPERIOR COTTON: Peruvian ring spun cotton with an improved weave for a softer hand.
STITCHING DETAIL: Double needle stitching, 12 stitches per inch on all seams and the locker patch. Herringbone twill taping from shoulder to shoulder.


Life is Good T-Shirts

The Life Is Good® brand all started with two brothers, Bert and John Jacobs. This brand features the charming stick-figure mascot named Jake. The brothers made T-shirts featuring Jake and sold them out of their van at college campuses and street fairs, sometimes sleeping under piles of shirts in the back of the van during sub-zero weather. As John recalls, "Life was good, even when we were sleeping in the van."

Just when the brothers thought their venture was coming to an end, they spent all their money on a last batch of shirts featuring Jake's face and the words "Life is good." To their surprise, these "Life is good" T-shirts sold out within a few hours of one particular street fair, leading the brothers to realize they had hit upon something. Life Is Good® was born, and the brothers developed more designs.

Jake the Golfer

Today, Life Is Good® is a multi-million dollar business that does particularly well amongst sports enthusiasts, with their mascot Jake featured on each shirt. You'll often find Jake the cyclist, Jake the skateboarder, or even Jake enjoying some ice cream. At Innovative Golf Gear, we have a wide selection of Life Is Good® shirts featuring Jake the golfer!

Our Life Is Good® shirts come in a variety of colors and styles, all with the same smiling character swinging a club, doing a victory dance, or sizing up a shot. Life Is Good® T-shirts make excellent gifts for your golfing friends, with charming messages like, "Be the ball," "Grip it & rip it," or the usual "Life is good!" catchphrase. We also carry hats, mugs, water bottles, and more. These products are a great way to keep your spirits up (not to mention your sense of humor) on the long walk spoiled.


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