Mastering Cortisol

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Mastering Cortisol

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Mastering Cortisol

A non-judgmental guide to the role of the stress hormone cortisol in creating fat stores around midsection areas draws on evidence about the human body's genetic fight-or-flight response, in a reference that discusses how to promote fitness by controlling cortisol with strategic exercises, supplements, and foods. Original.

Mastering Cortisol explains why the fat that collects around the middle of the body can't simply be blamed on eating too much or not exercising enough. The real cause is stress, which triggers an imbalance of the hormone cortisol that in turn tricks the body into creating unnecessary belly fat. It's all part of the fight-or-flight response dating back to the caveman that tells the body to store up fat in times of peril.

But the cycle can be stopped: Mastering Cortisol details specific ways to counter the cortisol with a tailor-made exercise plan that will slim the belly. Based on breakthrough genetic tests, the program also recommends specific vitamins and minerals and explains which foods will work best for the reader.


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