Men's Jordan Trapper Moc Slipper - Tan

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Product Information

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Men's Jordan Trapper Moc Slipper - Tan

Men's Jordan Slipper is So Versatile You Can Wear Inside and Outside

The Men's Tan Moc Slipper guarantees maximum comfort and durability day after day. These leather slippers have the comfort of cloth bedroom slippers combined with the durability of an all-purpose slip-on shoe. Jump out bed and slip them on your feet to keep them cozy as you amble into the kitchen for your first cup of coffee. When you finish your morning shower, they'll be waiting to cradle your squeaky clean feet.

Decide if you'll be staying in or running errands; these Men's Jordan slippers can be worn inside and outside and are equally comfortable with or without socks as they are lined with pillow soft fabric that feels like velvet against your skin. The more you wear the slippers, the more the leather contours to the shape of your feet, so they'll soon feel like a second skin. Just manipulate the laces to give them a tighter fit.

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