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Product Information


Met-Rx METXARSE000045PK Arsenal Training Pk 45ct

If you think you can get all the nutrients you need to support a serious bodybuilding or athletic training program in one generic multivitamin - think again. MET-Rx Arsenal Training Packs provide the firepower of essential vitamins, minerals, essential fats and other nutrients necessary to stay in the fight.When going into battle, having the right artillery to get the job done is crucial. Instead of trying to cram a ridiculous amount of nutritional "weapons" into huge pills, MET-Rx Arsenal Training Packs offer a full armory of six pills, in their proper softgel and tablet form.Essential fats for muscle structure.Antioxidants to fight free radical induced damage.Selenium, Zinc and Vitamin A to fortify your immune system.Vitamin D for bone health.

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