Motives® Collagen Core Lipstick


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Product Information

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with hydrolyzed collagen
  • Adds moisture and works as an antioxidant
  • Nourishes, smoothes and softens the lips
  • Promotes elasticity and suppleness
  • Natural mineral ingredients include iron oxide, mica and titanium dioxide


Product Information

Motives® Collagen Core Lipstick

Product Brochure

A lip treatment that instantly nourishes, smooths and softens the lip from its collagen core, and doubles as a lip color with a rich, creamy texture.

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the best!!

Shop Consultant

on 07/08/2015

I love this lipstick... the feel of it is silky smooth, and stays on..smells incredible and feels very moist on my lips

Now I am a lipstick wearer!

Shop Consultant

on 03/23/2014

I have not worn lipstick on any regular basis as it can be such a pain to have to reapply frequently. The collagen core is the best... It moisturizes, stays on and looks great! The colors can be layered easily to get a custom color. I love it! And I get many compliments.

on 12/15/2011

Very smooth when applying. Creamy texture.

Shop Consultant

on 11/30/2011

This lipstick is for generation "lip gloss"! I've never found a lipstick that I loved, until now! Keeps my lips feeling hydrated and smooth and it's a lightweight finish. Perfect colors and I've had so many compliments! The color lasts so much longer than lip gloss! I'm a believer! My favorite color is you can be "Inspired" to wear lipstick!

Shop Consultant

on 11/30/2011

I purchased this because of the donation to a great cause and fell in love with this line of lipstick! Amazing quality. Can't wait to get more colors! xoxo


Hydrolyzed Collagen
Helps maintain collagen, improving skin's appearance by diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is the main protein found in hair, skin and throughout the body. Collagen works with elastin to give skin its texture, structure and appearance. It works with keratin to provide the skin with strength, flexibility, elasticity and resilience. Collagen aids in the binding and retaining of water, which moisturizes and plumps the lips. 

Iron Oxide, Mica and Titanium Dioxide
These naturally-occurring minerals help to nourish the skin. They also provide for richer color, shimmer and shine in skin and lip products.

Shea Butter
Helps in providing moisture to the lips, as well as demonstrating soothing properties to soften and protect the lips.

Vitamin E
A powerful antioxidant that helps promote smooth, healthy-looking skin. It’s extremely important as sun exposure and age deplete vitamin E levels. 

Aloe Vera Extract
The high levels of natural enzymes found in aloe help dissolve dead skin cells, which may help aid in effective exfoliation. Aloe vera also acts to soothe skin cells. 

Green Tea
Provides natural antioxidant protection from harmful free radicals.

Sweet Almond Oil
Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, B and E, all of which contribute to its excellent softening and soothing properties. It helps nourish and protect the lips. Additionally, sweet almond oil moisturizes the skin, helping to improve the appearance of dry or chapped lips.

Avocado Oil
Avocado oil is rich in vitamins A, B, D and E, protein, and fatty acids which help to nourish, hydrate and soften the lips. Avocado oil helps to diminish the appearance of ‘lip wrinkles’.

Panax Ginseng Root Extract
Ginseng promotes the normal production of collagen. It can promote blood circulation, supporting the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the skin, and the removal of toxins from cells.


How do I apply Motives Collagen Core Lipstick?
Gather Motives Collagen Core Lipstick on a lip brush and begin by lining the lips. After lining is complete, fill in the rest with a lip brush or lipstick tube. Now your look is complete.

What benefits do I get from the Motives Collagen Core Lipstick?
From this product, you will maintain healthy-looking lips, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You will maintain moisture, which nourishes, smoothes and softens the lips.

Can I use Motives Collagen Core Lipstick after plastic surgery?
Motives Collagen Core Lipstick is made with natural minerals and oils that condition lips, making it gentle to use. Make sure to check with your physician before you start to use makeup again, and always wait to apply makeup until your incisions have healed. It is recommended that you use new applicators for your makeup after any surgical procedure to reduce the risk of irritation.

What is collagen?
Collagen is the main protein found in hair, skin and throughout the body. Collagen works to give skin its texture, structure and appearance. It helps to provide the hair and skin with strength, flexibility, elasticity and resilience. It also helps to bind and retain water. As a person ages, the body’s ability to produce and, therefore, sustain collagen decreases. As collagen decreases, the skin starts to show signs of aging, such as wrinkles. By supporting the body’s collagen needs, we can slow some the effects of aging on how we look and, therefore, feel about ourselves.

Why do I need collagen?
Collagen is included in the lipstick to support the texture and structure of your lips, while also helping them stay smooth and supple.