Motives® Empty Mineral Powder Brush


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Motives® Empty Mineral Powder Brush

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An innovative brush dispenser that is convenient and portable for quick touch-ups on the go. Fill with your Motives Custom Mineral Powder and sweep on a shimmery glow at the press of a button.


  • Portable
  • Great for on-the-go touchups
  • Flawless color application
  • Push button dispenser allows for controlled use of product 





How do I put powder into the brush?
Simply pour your Motives Custom Mineral Powder* into the brush and twist the top to seal the container. You can also purchase the Motives Empty Mineral Powder Brush from your Shop Consultant filled with your Custom Mineral Powder for an additional cost.

*Motives Custom Mineral Powder sold separately

How does the dispenser work?
The button on the brush allows the mineral powder to be released from the container into the bristles when pushed. Equal distribution of powder makes this brush an efficient way to get just the right amount of powder for application.

Can I put any kind of powder in this brush?
Yes, but it is recommended that you use Motives Custom Mineral Powder. The brush is designed around the consistency of the Motives Custom Mineral Powder and will perform best when paired with it.

What is the difference between using this brush and a regular brush?
The Motives Empty Mineral Powder Brush is convenient and effective. You can take it on the go when you don’t have room to bring your entire makeup bag because it takes up less space than a compact and a brush. Also, because the powder is evenly distributed, you’re less likely to put too much powder in one place like you can when using a normal brush.

Is the brush refillable?
Yes. Once you have used the mineral powder, you can refill the container and keep brushing away the imperfections!


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Love the idea, but not the cap

on 10/22/2015

I have yet to use it because once i took the cap off, I was not able to place the cap back on without the brushes getting caught on the edges. I love the idea of it though.