Motives® Gem Dust


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Motives® Gem Dust

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Motives® Gem Dust

A versatile, loose glitter powder for creating a dramatic effect. Show some attitude with dramatic eyes or be glamorous with a subdued sparkle.


  • Color retention that doesn’t crease or run
  • Three colors to enhance any eye color
  • Create a variety of looks for any occasion


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How do I use Motives Gem Dust?

  • Apply Gem Dust after Motives Glitter Stick adhesive
  • Use Motives Eyeshadow Brush to apply a heavy amount all over the eyelid, face or body
  • Use Motives Angled Eyeliner Brush to apply along the lash line for a subtle enhancement
  • Use your finger to apply a small amount over your favorite Motives Pressed Eyeshadow or Motives Eye Crème shade to enhance the eye

What other products can I pair with Motives Gem Dust?
Motives Gem Dust should be applied with Motives Glitter Adhesive to ensure the glitter adheres to the eye. You can also pair them with a complementary color of Motives Pressed Eye Shadow. To make the glitter pop against your eyelid, apply Motives Luxe Crème Eye Shadow as your base. This will also enhance the adhesion of the glitter to your eyelid.

How many shades of Motives Gem Dust are there?
Motives Gem Dust comes in three shades: 24K is gold in color, Tanzanite is purple in color, and Sterling is silver in color.

Will these shades complement any eye color?
Yes, the three colors available are neutral so they will work with any eye color.

Will this product crease or run?
No, Motives Gem Dust will not crease or run; however, it may fall loosely from the eyelid if you do not apply Motives Glitter Adhesive prior to application. Another option is to shade the eye with Motives Luxe Crème Eye Shadow or Motives Eye Candy Crème Eye Shadow to provide a base for the glitter to adhere to.


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Shop Consultant

on 01/02/2012

It's the perfect touch for sparkle. Love everything about this product. Looks great for gold and bronze attire.

Shop Consultant

on 12/02/2010

Add this to any eye shadows you have, it adds the sparkle and sexiness right away! Must have for all women, especially on special nights and holiday season!!

on 12/02/2010

It is a perfect sparkel that gives you an extra kick.