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OfficeMax® Brings You Value Every Day. At OfficeMax, you'll find low prices, hassle-free shopping and all the office essentials you need. Save in-store and online. Every day.
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Store Conditions for OfficeMax - DNU'd Merchant

* Deals apply to online purchases only and may not apply to all purchases. Coupons and/or promotional codes found outside of SHOP.COM, either from the retailer or from a third party, may not be eligible for cashback on SHOP.COM. OfficeMax reserves the right to deem items as ineligible for cash back at their discretion. Clearance, Gift Cards, Impress, Service SKUs, Discontinued, Amazon Kindle (or any other item that is retail only and not sold online or through Online Store Pick-Up), and any purchases made through the following OfficeMax affiliated sites (included but not limited to):, and/or any other sites that are only affiliated with and note at the bottom of the page that they’re “powered by ___” as they do not use the OfficeMax cart for order completion and are not eligible for cash back.

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