Organic Bath Dolphin Massager, Aquamarine 1 massager

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Organic Bath Dolphin Massager, Aquamarine 1 massager

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Organic Bath Dolphin Massager, Aquamarine 1 massager

The patented Dolphin Massager is the original ergonomic massage tool that is easy to use and fun to share. Feels great on the whole body - you won't believe it until you feel it! Can be used over clothing or in the tub or spa. This cute little sculptured Dolphin has a hidden secret. It's a perfectly designed ergonomic massage tool that feels like pure magic! One of the reasons the Dolphin works so perfectly is that its fins are specially contoured to act like thumbs and angled perfectly to sculpt into your muscles. This works especially well when you place those four fins over the spine and glide the Dolphin up and down the long muscles of the back. The head, nose and dorsal fin are also specially shaped for particular kinds of massage. The Dolphin is good for Swedish, pressure point, acupressure and shiatsu massage. Professional therapists will often use the Dolphin for doing seated massage because it works so well through clothing. If you are not a massage therapist, don't worry, it comes with full, easy to follow, instructions. Why Makes This Different: The Dolphin Massager design is protected by international patents but there have been many attempted copies. You can now buy novelty massagers, shaped like all kinds of creatures. However, those copies are just novelties, the Dolphin Massager shape is unique and its utility is outstanding. Share and enjoy. Made of recyclable acrylic Directions

For best results, let the head nestle in the center of your palm with the fins pointing away from you. The fins are shaped much like strong thumbs, perfect for applying pressure where you need it.


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