Osmocote Indoor And Outdoor 3 Lb

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Osmocote Indoor And Outdoor 3 Lb

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Osmocote Indoor And Outdoor 3 Lb

All Purpose Osmocote Slow Release Fertilizer A Gardener's Secret One Application Lasts up to 4 months 19-6-12 Analysis Use Indoors or Outdoors Four month constant supply of nutrients with a high level of nitrogen for gorgeous blooms, lush foliage and abundant harvests. Ideal for indoor and outdoor container plants, and in outdoor plants that are heavily mulched. Osmocote has a special coating uniquely designed to supply plants with the vital nutrients they need, when they need them. Each Osmocote prill delivers all three nutrients (N-P-K) to your plants in an even, consistent manner throughout their growth cycle. When to Apply Apply Osmocote Slow-Release Plant Food every four months during the gardening season. Where to Use Easy to use on gardenias, roses, daisies, bulbs, palms, ivies, philodendrons, fichus, begonias, ferns, violets and many other perennials. Ships Quickly!


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