PetHealth™ Medicated Shampoo


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PetHealth™ Medicated Shampoo

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Single Bottle (8 fl. oz./236.5 ml)

Keep your dog comfortable and itch-free with the vegetable-based, preservative-free PetHealth Medicated Shampoo. This medicated shampoo for dogs is optimal for your precious pet's skin health and is also phosphate, sulfate, alcohol and paraben free....
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Keep your dog comfortable and itch-free with the vegetable-based, preservative-free PetHealth Medicated Shampoo. This medicated shampoo for dogs is optimal for your precious pet's skin health and is also phosphate, sulfate, alcohol and paraben free. Pets are exposed to environmental irritants daily, and this sensitive skin dog shampoo helps to cleanse, moisturize and soothe, while maintaining the natural lipid barrier of your pet's skin. This shampoo helps to calm and soothe itchy and irritated patches of skin, and the formula is safe to use on puppies.

Great for dogs with itchy skin, this PetHealth shampoo also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal functions to maintain skin health. The panthenol in this anti-itch shampoo for dogs helps the skin maintain its natural moisture balance. The shampoo also contains menthol, camphor and peppermint oil, which leave your pet with a mint-fresh scent. Odor neutralizers in this product eliminate pet odors and have a long-lasting effect. This plant-based shampoo for dogs with itchy skin is the ultimate in skin and coat care for your beloved pet.


Dogs are exposed to a variety of environmental irritants that can wreak havoc on their skin. It is important to take care of those irritants so the problem doesn’t spread and get worse. With a market full of shampoos for dogs, how do you know which one is the best? PetHealth Medicated Shampoo helps to alleviate dry, flaking and itchy skin. The plant-based ingredients are formulated to cleanse and moisturize without depleting the skin’s natural lipid barrier. Many dog shampoos are harsh and full of chemicals. PetHealth Hypoallergenic Shampoo is safe for any skin types, even sensitive skin. PetHealth Medicated Shampoo is also sulfate free, phosphate free, alcohol free, preservative free and paraben free. You can rest assure with PetHealth Hypoallergenic Shampoo – Only the best for your pet!


Primary Benefits of PetHealth™ Medicated Shampoo:

· Helps calm itching and irritated areas of the skin

· Safe for use on puppies

· Cleanses and moisturizes without depleting the skin’s lipid barrier

· Promotes a healthy, shiny coat

· Demonstrates anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and soothing properties

· Sulfate-free

· Phosphate-free

· Alcohol-free

· Preservative-free

· Paraben-free


Water (Aqua), Decyl Glucoside, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Propylene Glycol, Cocamide DEA, Salicylic Acid, Methocel, Panthenol, Polysorbate 80, Menthol, Camphor, Mentha Peperita (Peppermint) Oil, Triclosan, Sulfer, Blue 1


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Best Pet Shampoo Ever!

on 06/15/2013

Started using it on my Miniature Poodle for her itchy skin. Works great. No more biting, chewing, & scratching. Nothing else will do the job. Smells great too. Leaves her fur so soft.

on 09/28/2011

I recently rescued a stray dog and used a dog shampoo (I have 2 other dogs) on him but he's still irritated and scratching all the time and I didn't see his scabs go away. I decided to order this shampoo based on the reviews and was surprised at how small the bottle was when I received it, but, like other reviewers say, a little goes a very long way! After I used this shampoo on the dog, the results were noticeably different! He would still scratch but it was definitely much less. The scabs healed a lot faster, and his fur is shinier! Oh yea it smells great too!! I will definitely be looking to try other pet health products too.

on 01/10/2011

My Yorkie had some "itchy"thing.. no open sores or rashes.. just an intense itch...Vet said he didnt see anything wrong.???gave me no help..recomended a shampoo that was expensive and did not work....My friend told me about this site..I got the medicated shampoo and after the very first bath it cut the itching in more then half...Maybe he just has dry skin.. but what ever it is it is definatly working..will continue with it..and I have also ordered the other shampoo theyhave to change now and then..Also a little bit goes a looong way.. will last a long time...ans I use them weekly..

Shop Consultant

on 08/15/2010

I have a beagle-bassett mix that gets irritation on her belly and chest during the summer months. I was going to take her to the vet to see if she was allergic to something and decided to bathe her first with this shampoo. It completely cleared up the redness!! I love it!

on 10/05/2009

As a dog family and a long time rescuer we have come across some dogs that have never had a bath before. This product cleans so well , smells so great and the smell lasts for 2-3 weeks or longer if you pet stays inside all the time. It is gentle on them as we have used it on puppies and older dogs. I am definitly sold on this product!