Philips 7” LCD Portable DVD Player

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Philips 7” LCD Portable DVD Player

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Philips 7” LCD Portable DVD Player

Spill resistant portable DVD with durable rubber design. Indulge in entertainment wherever you go. The portable PD704 DVD player’s spill resistant design makes it perfect for kids, letting them enjoy favorites without worry about spillage from drinks. It also includes 20 fun games. <br><br> MP3 is a revolutionary compression technology by which large digital music files can be made up to 10 times smaller without radically degrading their audio quality. A singe CD can store up to 10 hours of music. <br><br> <b>View JPEG from picture disc. </b><br> Play JPEG photos that are saved on your disc. Relive your favorite moments with family and friends anytime you want! <br><br> <b>DVD, DVD+/-RW, (S)VCD, CD. </b><br> The Philips Portable DVD player is compatible with most DVD and CD discs available in the market. DVD, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, (S)VCD, and CD – all of them can play on the DVD player. DVD+/-R is a shorthand term for a DVD drive that can accept both of the common recordable DVD formats. Likewise, DVD+/-RW handles both common rewritable disc types. <br><br> <b>Power Resume</b><br> The DVD-Video player remembers where you stop watching last time when it is powered off directly or when the power supply discontinued. If you did not switch to play another disc, your player will resume play where you have stopped the movie last time just by reloading the disc. Making your life a lot easier! <br><br> <b>18 cm/7" TFT color LCD display</b><br> The high resolution color LCD display brings images to life, showing off your treasured photos, favorite movies and music with the same 'real life' rich detail and vibrant colors as high quality prints <br><br> <b>Games CD</b><br> This player comes pre-packed with a bonus games CD for extra fun. Just put a game CD in the disk drive and start havi


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