Produplicator 01BR8X 1-1 DVD-CD Blu-Ray Duplicator with USB

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Produplicator 01BR8X 1-1 DVD-CD Blu-Ray Duplicator with USB

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Produplicator 01BR8X 1-1 DVD-CD Blu-Ray Duplicator with USB

Produplicator prides itself as one of today’s leading manufacturers of duplication equipment in the industry. Established in 1997, our company first began with sales of portable storage devices, such as external optical disc burners and hard drives. As our product line became more focused, our business developed expertise in duplication equipment and all things related to creating and publishing media. Produplicator still concentrates on all things related to CD DVD production first and foremost, from standalone duplicators to automated publishers and professional quality printers. Understanding that prosumers (producers and consumers) demand versatility and innovation in publishing equipment, Produplicator has widely expanded its business to include devices that mass produce other forms of media, such as flash memory cards and drives, Blu-Ray discs, and LightScribe discs as well. We stay commited to provide high quality and reliability in our products. Complete standalone operation. Improved load and copy support. Supports all currently available Blu-Ray Disc and DVD media formats. Supports all common CD media formats. Improved drive firmware upgradeability. New dynamic hard drive partitioning. Hard drive partition and image name editing. Improved multi language capability. AutoCopy feature. Account management password protection. Auto counter technology. User friendly interface with easy to read LCD display. Fast key support. Power on self diagnostics. Disc info feature. Selectable CD and DVD burning speeds. Creates mix compilation audio CD. Automatic format recognition. Upgradeable for future drive technology. Future functions upgradeable through firmware. Continuous copying without waiting for cool down. High speed USB 2.0 connection


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