Prosciutto Classico Di Parma Boneless- Green Label

Prosciutto Classico Di Parma Boneless- Green Label
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Galloni has been creating flavorful products in Parma since 1938. By acrefully selecting 100% Italian full-grown pigs - those with the firmest and tastiest meat - Fratelli Galloni delivers a deliciously sweet, hand-salted hams. Slice this ham as thin as sheet of paper, and serve immediately. Dont remove the fat entirely, as it enhances the aroma and sweetness of the lean part. Bone-in hams continue to mature and can be stored at room temperature. After cutting for the first time make sure to protect the ham with tinfoil or food-grade film to prevent air exposure. The presence of minimal moulds on the ham skin is a natural phenomenon and does not affect the ham quality. Remove it by simply using a clean cloth.