PureH2O™ Pre-sediment Filter Replacements

PureH2O™ Pre-sediment Filter Replacements

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PureH2O™ Pre-sediment Filter Replacements

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Reduce contaminants in your water for a cleaner, better taste from the tap with PureH2O Pre-sediment Filter Replacements. Many municipal water facilities do not remove all impurities, or they over-treat with chlorine. Home filtration delivers more...
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The PureH20 Water Filtration System with Pre-sediment Filter helps to reduce unpleasant chlorine taste and odor, and many contaminants that municipal water supplies may not eliminate, resulting in better-tasting and cleaner water. Sediment levels vary throughout the country. Pre-sediment filters should be changed out every 2-4 weeks or when filter turns brown. PureH20, because it's your water!


  • Filters sand and silt
  • Filters dirt and rust
  • A fraction of the cost of bottled water


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