RCA HD50LPW167 SCENIUM - 50" rear projection TV




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    RCA HD50LPW167 SCENIUM - 50


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    RCA Projection TV Lamp HD50LPW167YX2


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    HD50LPW167YX2 RCA Projection TV Lamp Replacement. Lamp Assembly with High Quality Genuine Original Osram P-VIP Bulb Inside. Compatible Models: 265866 265919 D44LPW134 HD44LPW134 HD44LPW134YX1 HD44LPW164 HD44LPW164YX1 HD44LPW164YX2 HD44LPW165 HD44LPW165YX1 HD44LPW165YX2 HD44LPW165YX3 HD50LPW164 HD50LPW164YX1 HD50LPW164YX2 HD50LPW164YX3 HD50LPW164YX4 HD50LPW165 HD50LPW165YX1 HD50LPW165YX2 HD50LPW165YX3 HD50LPW165YX4 HD50LPW166YX1 HD50LPW166YX6 HD50LPW166YX7 HD50LPW167 HD50LPW167YX1 HD50LPW167YX2 HD50LPW52 HD50LPW52YX1 HD50LPW52YX2 HD50LPW52YX3 HD50LPW62AYX2 HD61LPW164 HD61LPW165 HD61LPW165YX1 HD61LPW165YX2 HD61LPW165YX3 HD61LPW165YX4 HD61LPW165YX7 HD61LPW52 HD61LPW52YX2 HDLP44W165

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RCA HD50LPW167 SCENIUM - 50" rear projection TV

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