Rislone Engine Oil Treatment (32 oz.) - 100QR

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Rislone Engine Oil Treatment (32 oz.) - 100QR

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Rislone Engine Oil Treatment (32 oz.) - 100QR

Rislone Engine Treatment is a high-quality penetrating lubrication oil, that combines protective engine additives and unique cleaning additives. Its multi-grade formula allows the oil to flow freely and provides protection over a broad temperature range. Formulated to penetrate into valve seats, bearing surfaces, piston rings and ring grooves, where deposits are likely to form. These deposits are gradually removed and held in suspension until they are trapped in the filter or removed with the next oil change. Rislone Engine Treatment gradually dissolves and removes harmful deposits of varnish, sludge and gum from the internal metal parts without plugging oil passages. These deposits form within engines and can alter tolerances, stick valves and rings, cause noisy valves and lifters, and plug oil screens and passages. Regular use of Rislone Engine Treatment, with oil and filter changes at the proper intervals, will keep such deposits to a minimum. Product Features: Frees valves and lifters, Helps reduce friction and wear, Maintains oil viscosityProduct Features:Reduces Friction & WearQuiets Noisy Lifters & ValvesRemoves and Prevents Sludge. Most Engine Oil Treatment & Additives products are available for in-store pickup from Advance Auto Parts.


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